Breakfast is now available

Have you heard?


Pancake €8,50

– Spinach & Ricotta with Tomatoes Sauce
– Mushrooms &  Gouda Cheese with Bechamel Sauce
– Nutella & Strawberry with Chocolate Syrup
– Banana, Sugar &  Cinnamon with Caramel Syrup
Strudel €4,50
with Red Apple, Green Apple, Raisins and Walnut
Fuba Cake €3,00
Omelete €4,50
with Tomatoes
Scrambled Eggs €3,50
Toasts €4,50
Four toast, red fruits jam, apricot jam, butter and cream cheese
Brownie €3,50
Cheesecake €4,50
Expresso €2,90
Americano €2,90
Latte €3,30
Mocha €3,30
Cappuccino €3,30
Tea €2,50
Orange Juice €3,00
Still Water €2,00
Sparkling Water €2,00
Soft Drinks €2,00

Come in and try 😉


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